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DC Gypsy Band

Talented DC Gypsy Band rocking the stageDC Gypsy band is an acclaimed Gypsy music band, playing all the favorite Gypsy music hits – making people dance all over the world.  DC’s show is an authentic and lively Gypsy extravaganza. DC Gypsy Band have an incredible show; they demonstrate what great music and young energy can do.




Julio Iglesias Jr.

Julio Iglesias Jr. was born to the most talented family in the world. Born in Spain, raised in Miami, Julio Iglesias Jr.’ father, Julio Iglesias is one of Latin music’s most legendary figures, and his younger brother, Enrique, has also had an impressive recording career, most notably in the 1999 chart-topping Latin crossover hit “Bailamos”.

Once Julio made his album debut titled “Under my Eyes”, he immediately became the new teen idol in the United States. His popularity grew and international sensation CHER enlisted Julio Iglesias Jr., to open her nationwide 27-city stadium tour.

Long before Julio began to concentrate on his music full-time,

he had established himself as a model and a promising actor in television. He modeled for VERSACE, TOMMY HILFIGER and GAP campaigns. Also, Vanguard New York designer, John Bartlett, among others, invited Julio to walk the runway for him. Julio had success in television as well; he had a weekly role in the NBC teen-oriented series, “Out of the Blue”. He later hosted a 22-episode series exploring exotic destinations in Latin America and South America, for the Travel Channel. After his musical success Julio has appeared in renowned and distinguished programs such as HOLLYWOOD SQUARE, REGIS AND KATHIE LEE, VH1′s THE LIST, THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS, and the FAMA AWARDS, where he was declared “BEST NEW ARTIST.”

Julio Iglesias Jr., had conquered America and now he is taking over the rest of the world as well;

He toured for three months all over Europe and Asia, promoting “UNDER MY EYES.” He toured in Russia and Eastern Europe, making him a household name and a superstar. He was an honorary guest at the prestigious New Wave Jurmala Festival in Latvia in 2008 and has a few projects undergoing in the area, working with the biggest Russian stars, such as Igor Nikolaev and Kristina Orbakaite.

His song, “Nothing Else,” was featured on the MUSIC OF THE HEART soundtrack, where he also starred.

Currently, Julio can be seen on the Spanish stages in the sold-out Spanish version of “Grease”. The show is a success and Julio’s many talents attract both old and new fans.


Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias was born in Mardid, Spain on September 23rd, 1943. Before Julio became a singer, he was a professional soccer player with Real Madrid and graduated from law school. He won the 1968 Benidorm Festival with a song he composed himself, “La vida sigue igual,” and signed with Discos Columbia records. He has sold more than 300 million albums in fourteen languages.

The height of his success was during the 1970s and 1980s. Among his best-known songs are “Hey”, “Non Stop”, “Starry Night”, “Calor” and “Crazy”. His duets with Frank Sinatra (“Summer Wind”),Willie Nelson (“To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”), Diana Ross (“All of You”), and Stevie Wonder (“My Love”) all topped the charts.

In the 1990s, Julio went back to his Spanish music roots and in 1996, he released the CD nicknamed Tango. He is slowly stepping out of the limelight now and enjoying his son Enrique’s and Julio Jr.’s popularity, together with his longtime companion Miranda and their daughter.

Julio is very amenable to sign autographs, although he can be a little difficult to reach sometimes, due to the security around him.

Beyond doubt, Julio Iglesias is the biggest legend of our time.


Ingrid Alberini

Ingrid Alberini was born in Northern Italy. She was named after the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. Since early childhood Ingrid exhibited a very creative personality. Her early fascination with art and music laid a solid foundation for her future career. As a teenager, In-Grid performed at various amateur events in Northern Italy, and quickly became recognized for the unique tone and energy of her voice.

She is most notably known for her French hit Tu Es Foutu that topped the charts in the United States, Australia and all over Europe.

In-Grid started working with Elena Iourova, founder of Julietta Bonelli Entertainment, in 2004 when In-Grid had a successful US tour with 9 shows in 10 days. Ever since In-Grid returns to the US to work with Julietta Bonelli Entertainment every year.

In-Grid’s sings in French, but her music combines her Italian side as well. Her performance is a celebration of lights and sounds and is simply a must-see.