Russian Artists


Philipp Kirkorov

Philipp Kirkorov is the king of Russian pop and his stardom among Russian audiences can be compared to that of Elvis Presley at his prime.

Kirkorov’s shows are unforgetabble productions, equivalent to those of the biggest U.S superstars. His shows have been sold out in many Russian venues and are always a success.

An special performance of his, was performed on June 24th, 2012 at New York’s most prestigious hotel Waldorf- Astoria, where Philipp was a performer at the biggest wedding ever at the hotel, planned and produced by Julietta Bonelli Entertainment.




Igor Nikolaev

Legendary Russian singer, poet and composer. Best-selling artist and a master of melody. Igor Nikolaev is a household name to Russian audiences globally. His songs became timeless classics and audience favorites.

He has released albums every year since 1987 – and every album has a different feel to it, displaying the limitlessness of Nikolaev’s creativity.

Igor Nikolaev has won numerous awards in Russia for his music: Composer of the Year, Song of the Year, Lifetime Achievement awards from the government, and the list goes on. One of his most famous performances was in 1997 in Madison Square Garden when millions of viewers and audience members saw Igor’s undeniable talent and charisma, live.

He was a judge, coach and producer for “Fabrika Zvyezd”, the Russian version of American Idol.

Igor’s dream came true in 2011 when he composed a theme song for a Hollywood feature “Say It in Russian”, the film was a success, winning 11 awards in international film festivals.

Igor went on a successful tour in the U.S with Julio Iglesias Jr. in 2009, with Elena Iourova of Julietta Bonelli Ent. the show was sold-out every night – both for standing and seats. It was Igor and Julio’s most successful U.S tour.

His performances prove time after time, that his legend will continue growing.




Kristina Orbakaite

Kristina Orbakaite is the princess of Russian stage, a singer and actress. She has won numerous awards for her work in movies and in the music industry.

Until this day, she had released 13 albums, hundreds of performances and many memorable movie roles.

Kristina inherited her perfect ear and love for music, from her mother, Russian and Soviet pop culture living-legend, Alla Pugacheva.

In 2000, Kristina received an award by Prince Albert, in Monte Carlo, at the “World Music Awards” for being most popular singer in Russia.

In 2006 and 2007, Kristina went on her most successful U.S tour with Elena Iourova of Julietta Bonelli Ent. the show was sold-out every night – both for standing and seats.

Kristina’s performance is an unforgettable experience and a must-see! Her energy is electrifying and her music is guaranteed to make you want to dance.




Soso Pavliashvili

Singer, composer and performer. His show is very entertaining, combining his talent for music and showmanship. He is the best choice for a private event, he is will surely make your event UNFORGETTABLE.



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